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Treating Those With Dentophobia

Woman Undergoing Laser Dentistry — Advanced Dental Southern Highlands In Moss Vale, NSW

Are you terrified of visiting the dentist? Do you get terribly anxious when making an appointment? You are not alone! Have you ever heard of a condition called dentophobia? Like the name suggests, it is a fear of dentists. At Advanced Dental Southern Highlands in Moss Vale, we offer a range of safe and effective laser dentistry services to help treat patients who are suffering from dentophobia.

We understand that going to the dentist can be a scary experience for some people. That’s why we offer a variety of specialty dental services to make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our compassionate team of dentists and dental staff are here to help you overcome your fear of the dentist and get the oral treatment you need.

Woman Undergoing Laser Dentistry — Advanced Dental Southern Highlands In Moss Vale, NSW
Dentist Doing Laser On Patient — Advanced Dental Southern Highlands In Moss Vale, NSW

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive way to treat a number of dental conditions. It can be used to help remove tooth decay, reshape gums and even whiten teeth! Laser dentistry can also be effective in treating gum disease and can help to improve the overall health of your mouth.

At Advanced Dental Southern Highlands, we use state-of-the-art laser technology to provide our patients with the best possible dental care. Our oral health professionals will work with you to develop a dental treatment plan that is tailored to your dentophobia and individual dental needs.

If you are looking for a gentle, minimally invasive way to improve your smile, get in touch today on (02) 4868 2433. We pride ourselves on being able to provide comprehensive laser dentistry treatments for dentophobic patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms of dentophobia can include anxiety, sweating, nausea, and an accelerated heart rate when the prospect of going to the dentist arises.

There is no one single cause of dentophobia. It can be triggered by a bad experience at the dentist, hearing others talk about their negative experiences, or even seeing dental instruments.

While it may not be easy, there are a number of things you can do to help overcome your fear of going to the dentist. These include finding a dentist you trust, getting regular cleanings and check-ups, and trying relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or visualization.

If you don’t go to the dentist, you put yourself at risk of a number of dental problems, including tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. You also miss out on the opportunity to maintain good oral health and prevent future problems.

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Sedative Dental Treatments

At Advanced Dental Southern Highlands, not only do we take a gentle approach to dentistry, but we also offer anxious patients a selection of sedative options for completing more complex treatments. Our large investment in laser dentistry technologies allows us to provide virtually pain-free general treatments—so you can say goodbye to the traditional dental drill!

We believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy and beautiful smile. If you suffer from dentophobia—sedation dentistry can be a solution! Don’t put off getting the treatment you need out of fear! Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about laser dentistry.