Children's Dentistry & Root Canal Treatments in Moss Vale

At Advanced Dental, we have a professional team of dentists and dental nurses who are dedicated to ensuring your oral health. We offer a wide range of general dental treatments to help improve and maintain your dental health, both at our practice and at home.

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Children Dentistry — Dental Services in Moss Vale, NSW


Bring your child into our Southern Highlands dental practice for their dental check-ups. We make children's appointments fun and educational, so your child develops a good association with the dentist that lasts well into adulthood. From routine check-ups to preventative care advice, we're here to monitor and help your child adopt good oral health habits.
Root Canal Treatment — Dental Services in Moss Vale, NSW


Also known as endodontics, root canal therapy is usually required when the inner pulp (nerve) of the tooth has become infected and needs to be removed.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy at our practice is actually quite painless. Patients generally experience minimal discomfort, as we use modern technology that allows us to ditch traditional tools.
Dental Microscope — Dental Services in Moss Vale, NSW


We are proud to be one of the only dental practices in the Southern Highlands area that use a dental microscope. This technology allows our dentists to perform fine-detailed dentistry. Since it is hooked up to a TV monitor, we are able to show patients exactly what our dentists see and therefore keep them informed of their dental needs and procedures.
Dental Tools — Dental Services in Moss Vale, NSW


The health and comfort of our patients is paramount to us at Advanced Dental. This is why we use digital intra-oral and panoramic radiography, which helps keep radiation exposure to a minimum without compromising the accuracy of our diagnosis. We also have multiple autoclaves to sterilise our equipment to hospital standards.